Fortners in Ontario

My website has been genealogy information about my family and the families they married into. I post these hoping that people will share information if they are related. Email Me, Lost Ancestors

Here are some related family names. Bryce, Green, Scott, Penn
Some of the pages list information on families. The people they married, Marriages, Family Groupings, Census, Deaths Fortner Deaths A to K , Fortner Deaths L to Z , Burials, Tombstone

I am now comtemplating branching out with transcribed information, one name studies and other miscellaneous information. It was interesting to find an old photo [1914] transcribe the names and get the photo scanned and onto my website. Ontario Miscellaneous

The one name study on the Ryan's of Alumette Island, Pontiac County, Quebec came about because I had hit a brick wall with trying to find a mention of a Jane Ryan who married a Michael Murphy. I posted the information even though it didn't bring me the answers I wanted because it could help someone else. Ryan , Holden/Murphy

The Fortner family originated in the USA and most stayed. There is the Isabella Douglas Legend. Isabella Douglas Lewis Fortner went to New York and later to Pennsylvania. Lewis Fortner Benjamin Fortner fought in the revolutionary war and lived in Pennsylania as well. Benjamin Fortner Jr. Abigail married in the USA and went from there to Nova Scotia and then on to Ontario. Abigail Fortner Mary Fortner married Jacob Larue. Mary Fortner Elizabeth Fortner married Matthias Garrison. Elizabeth Fortner

Thomas Fortner and Sons. I don't know which is which but the sons are Jonas, Henry, Silvester, Andrew, and Jeriah. I believe Lyman had died by the time this photo was taken.